EA opens market orders by Bollinger Bands indicator. Market Buy order opened if the price crossed Upper Band. Market Sell order opened if the price crossed Lower Band.
Orders closed by Bollinger Middle, StopLoss, TakeProfit or opposite signal.


Trade params
QuotesExtraDigit = true; set true if pair's quotes have extra digit after decimal point in this case all pips options (StopLoss, TakeProfit, etc.) will be multiplied by 10 automatically
Example of quotes with extra digit after decimal point: EURUSD = 1.23456, USDJPY = 120.342
Example of quotes without extra digit after decimal point: EURUSD = 1.2345, USDJPY = 120.34 SupportECN = false; Set true for ECN or STP brokers. This will fix 'Invalid stops' error message because on ECN or STP brokers sl and tp are prohibited on open and can be added only by modification of already opened orders. Used for market orders only.
Slippage = 3; allowable slippage value, pips Magic = 20121021; some unique orders ID Lots = 0.1; Trading volume StopLoss = 100; StopLoss in pips. 0 = no StopLoss TakeProfit = 0; TakeProfit in pips. 0 = no TakeProfit CloseByBollingerMiddle = true; Close open trades if the price crossed Bollinger Middle line true/false CloseOnOppositeSignal = true; Close open trades by opposite signal true/false

Bollinger Bands Standard Bollinger options BBands.period = 25; BBands.deviation = 2; BBands.shift = 0; BBands.applied_price = PRICE_CLOSE; BBands.IgnoreOpenBar = true; true: get Bollinger signals from closed bar. false: get Bollinger signals from open bar.